e9 for Universities

How it works on Campus?

  • Need Security assistance or Medical attention?
  • Somebody else needs help?
  • About to be mugged?
  • About to be attacked?
  • About to be hijacked?
  • Need help?


Simply press and hold down (Speedial) 9 on your cell phone!


Fast dialing 9 immediately kicks off the following processes:

  • It immediately logs the alert with key information in the University control room.
  • As the alert hits the system action rules kick-in and key security/medical personnel are notified and deployed.
  • Personal information and triangulated POSITION of the person in trouble are immediately logged and provided.
  • A friend or family member set-up by the user is also immediately notified.
  • An SMS is sent immediately back to the distress call mobile phone with key information to assist security and medical personnel.


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