E9 public offering


An SOS/help me/find me button on ur mobile phone. For 24 hour support every day, press 9.




We all carry our cell phones with names and numbers stored in the memory, but no-one else knows which of these numbers belongs to our closest family members or friends.
If you are involved in an accident or take ill, the people attending you may have your cell phone, but not know who to call. This is how E9 came about. It is a method of getting the right information to the people who need it, quickly and accurately, and letting family members or friends know about it at the same time.


E9 works in different ways


More and more, mobile phones are being developed for different applications simply because, like a wrist watch, we rarely leave home without one. And because it's mobile, it's the perfect way to stay in touch. Now you can add the essential element that has been missing from day to day safety and security in South Africa:


  • A voiceless privacy-sensitive locator and communication tool


Thanks to modern technology, this is a simple, fast, cost-effective way to help protect your family.


Accidents and ill-health


Should you or a loved one be rendered unconscious in any accident - vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, sports or domestic - or be unable to communicate, E9 will do that for you.


Simply by holding down the number 9, your cell phone will send a distress message notification to your 4 designated respondents. Each one will be notified where your SOS was sent from. Then your phone will automatically receive your name, ID number, medical aid membership, blood type and any allergies. Should you be incapacitated, emergency personnel simply press 9 and are fully informed, saving precious time and very possibly, an even more precious life.


Threatening situations


When vulnerable in potentially life-threatening situations, we often can't remember what to do, what number to call, whom to alert. Very often, it's the suspicion of insecurity - whilst hiking, carrying shopping, walking home from school, returning to your vehicle alone at night, walking with young children, your pets or slower adults - that creates worry and tension. With E9, you simply press 9 and let a few people know that you are feeling unsafe. They will know where you are and respond on your behalf.


Direct threat


In situations of a direct threat, such as vehicle hi-jacking, intrusion or assault, your mobile phone once again becomes your mobile panic button, giving you further peace of mind. E9 will alert loved ones and provide your location, giving you a voice when you cannot speak.


Out at night


Get peace of mind when your teens and other family and friends visit clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, theatre.


Drink-spiking and drunk drivers are all too-regular occurrences. It is possible to lace girls' drinks undetected, rendering them temporarily incapable of communicating. Should friends wish to support her but remain anonymous, they can simply press 9 on her phone ... alerting her family or others.


Visits to theatres, restaurants and public amenities, even far from home, now means that you and your tracks, are covered. If you suddenly take ill, emergency personnel will get the right information and you get the right treatment immediately, while your friends and family know where you are and what has happened to you.



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