What will E9 do for the University Students and Staff?

The primary benefit for the students and staff is the knowledge that when E9 is triggered there will fast response and that there will be systems and processes in place provided by Campus Security to react to all emergencies.

The logging, investigation, tracking and conclusion of each case, if not stopped before fully executed, will be managed within E9 until the same can be properly closed.

Seen from a University’s perspective it’s the fact that the solution is sponsored and provided for for free, and all students and staff will benefit.  In other words the University can take credit for providing an extremely effective solution which offers tremendous value to the students and staff in terms of health, safety and security.

The students and university staff and their families will get all the benefits of E9 outside of the university environment, as well.  I.e. once they have subscribed to E9 and they press 9 their preset-up contacts (family and friends) will also be able to respond to their distress call.

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